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Last Bubble Car update for 2018

In the last few months, some good progress has been made on the bubble car, but it has been limited by the number of volunteers available to work on it. With approximately half of the active group working on the maintenance of the main 117 set, only Tom W, Kevin, and Alex have managed much work on it.

Tom has progressed the bodywork painting and sanding such that all of the sides and cab fronts have been undercoated at least once. A few panels have had 2 coats, with the others waiting on more careful fine sanding and occasional filling.

Kevin fitted all of his supply of door frames and so cannot finish any more doors until he has more – he is looking at sourcing some more either from C&W or from a contact. He has since been replacing the top dash panels in the north cab and the wiper motor. He plans to replace the wooden framing around the driver’s door, refit the domes and assist Alex in the near future.

Alex has created a foot well for the second man in the south cab, due to the change of design to allow more space in the cab. He has since been replacing the side panels underneath the dashes in both the north and south cabs, with most panels fitted or awaiting painting. Kevin and Alex have also been replacing the instruments in the north cab and starting to repair the north cab bulkhead where fixings have been made in the past.

Date posted:

Monday, 31 December, 2018

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