Operating on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway since 2011

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The Fleet

Our fleet - W51363, W59510, W51405, W55003, SC52029, W51360 & W51372

Diesel Multiple Units Seven ex-British Railways Diesel Multiple Units

Cotswold Diesel Railcar Ltd own a total of eight ex-British Railways Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs). Today these vehicles are generically referred to as 1st Generation or Heritage DMUs/Railcars. Regular passenger services are run on The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, operating between Broadway and Cheltenham.

Our First W55003 ‘Bubble Car’

Class 122 “Bubble Car”, a complete Class 117 3 Car Set

We have a total of seven vehicles, consisting of a Class 122 “Bubble Car”, a complete Class 117 3 Car Set, and our most recent arrival is a Class 117 single power car. A tremendous amount of operating flexibility can be achieved with this small collection, allowing trains of any size from 1 to multiple coaches to be run, depending on passenger loadings.

Another operational benefit is the fact there is a driving cab at each end of the train, negating the requirement for a locomotive to “run round” the coaches in order to go in the opposite direction. This was a decisive factor when passenger services were launched from Toddington to Laverton, as the run-round loop had yet to be completed (this loop was completed in March 2013, allowing the GWSR’s steam services to operate as far as Laverton).

The Cotswold Diesel Railcar Fleet