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The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Volunteers Working on the DMUs

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Part of the attraction of operating DMUs in preservation is the diverse range of tasks required to maintain them in running order. Some of the simplest jobs rate amongst the most important, such as cleaning and polishing, and we nearly always have a great turnout when our railcars require a wash and brush up. Many hands make light work when there’s four railcars to clean inside and out!

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You will be made most welcome and given the opportunity to assist as much or as little as you are able

For those of you with little or no prior experience, you will be made most welcome and given the opportunity to assist as much or as little as you are able. Tasks such as changing one of the engine cooling radiators is a typical example of how willing volunteers with limited experience have effected repairs and kept the vehicles in traffic. There are also preventative maintenance tasks such as oil and filter changes, fluid level checks and greasing that need to be performed, if you fancy getting slightly grubby!

Working on First Generation DMUs

We would especially welcome prospective volunteers with previous experience working on 1st Generation DMUs (we know you’re out there!) or anybody with the following skills:

Mechanical Engineers and Fitters

The engines on our railcars are Leyland 680s and were also fitted to buses. We have a number of gearboxes, final drives, freewheels and bodyside heaters that are in need of restoration and this would make an ideal project for volunteers in our workshop or anybody with a large enough garage could do this at home!

Vehicle electricians or indeed anybody familiar with electrics

DMUs operate on a 24V DC system, much like commercial road vehicles. One project that we’d like to undertake is the replacement of the original 1950s alternators/dynamos with more modern replacements. Some electrical tasks are slightly easier, such as the overhaul and retermination of the electrical “jumper” cables that pass the control signals between adjacent vehicles (again, a job that could be undertaken at home in the garage, or on the kitchen table if you’re brave!)

Carpenters,  Joiners, Painter, Welders

There are plenty of doors, body panels, spare parts,  interior fittings and decor where your skills could be put to good use.

For those that do decide to volunteer your time, the railway does offer catering and domestic facilities and limited overnight accommodation. There are also some excellent local hostelries that offer a venue in which to socialise after a day at the railway!


Click on the pictures below to see examples of the varied behind the scenes tasks that are necessary to keep things on track.

Membership of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway

There is just one pre-requisite for you to become a volunteer with us, you need to firstly be a member of The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Trust (GWRT). Besides providing financial support to the railway, it ensures that our working volunteers are covered by statutory insurance. Adult membership is £20 per year, with various concessions for children, students, etc.

View full details and download a Membership Application form directly from the GWSR website (http://www.gwrt.org.uk). Complete the application and send it with your cheque (payable to GWRT) to the Membership Secretary at Toddington.

Once you have joined or if you are already a GWRT Member, the GWRT Membership Secretary will send you a Volunteer Application form; you will also need to attend a half-day Induction course, about which the GWRT Membership Secretary will contact you. You will then receive a Work Permit enabling you to work at the Railway in any department, not just with the CDRL railcars.

Membership or Volunteering Join us as a volunteer or Member

If you have any general questions about Membership or Volunteering at The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, please contact the railway directly.

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